PomegaMD is a new proprietary technology that offers both clinicians and patients a safe and effective treatment for skin inflammation caused by medical conditions, medical treatments, and aesthetic surgeries.

Distributed exclusively through physicians, PomegaMD is a one-of-a-kind therapeutic skin system that accelerates the body’s natural healing process.

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  • Our proprietary multi-phase emulsion system delivers high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin whithout the use of inorganic or chemical preservatives.

    PomegaMD in the JCAD

    A Topical Anti-inflammatory Healing Regimen Utilizing Conjugated Linolenic Acid for Use Post-ablative Laser Resurfacing of the Face

    We are pleased to announce the completion and publication of our clinical trial, performed by Pomega’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mitchel Goldman, Medical Advisor Dr. Douglas Wu, and their dedicated research team.

    Key Publication Highlights

    • This published clinical highlights how a postoperative regimen of topical conjugated linolenic acid (CLnA) outperforms the current industry standards in promoting safe and effective healing as well as improving wrinkling and elastosis.
    • This data is the first to explore the role of CLnA when applied directly to damaged and inflamed skin in a clinical setting.
    • Topical CLnA outperformed current wound care standards by decreasing acute pruritus and enabling a faster positive outcome in wrinkle improvement.

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  • Dr. Goldman –
    PomegaMD’s Newly Appointed Chief Medical Officer!

    We are pleased to announce the completion and publication of our clinical trial, performed by Pomega’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mitchel Goldman, Medical Advisor Dr. Douglas Wu, and their dedicated research team.

  • A Word From Our Chief Executive Officer – Tzeira Sofer

    It has been my mission to create a stable, safe, and efficacious healing system based on the omega-5 fatty acid punicic acid. The outcome of our trial validates our team’s dedicated collaborated effort to take omega-5 from the lab to the clinic. I would like to thank Dr. Goldman for leading this effort and his enthusiasm for leading the future medical and clinical evolution of PomegaMD.

  • Dr. Goldman – Chief Medical Officer

    Mitchel P. Goldman, MD is a world-renowned, double-board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon who started practicing medicine in 1986. Recognized by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Goldman graduated from Boston University (Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa) and Stanford University Medical School.

    Dr. Goldman is recognized for his pioneering research on multiple laser techniques, skin rejuvenation, liposculpture, and vein therapy. He is a volunteer clinical professor of Dermatology at the University of California, San Diego, an Honorary Professor of Dermatology for the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and is the founder and Medical Director of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego.

    He is considered a leading expert in laser surgery and resurfacing, liposculpture, sclerotherapy, laser closure of varicose veins, dermal filler treatments, Botox®/Dysport®/ Xeomin® therapy, photorejuvenation, and photodynamic therapy. He is the Director of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Fellowship Program and has practice/hospital affiliations with Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California.

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  • Corinne Szilagyi – Chief Scientific Officer And Strategic Advisor

    Corinne Szilagyi is senior partner at Biotech Développement Conseils (BDC), a consulting firm working hand-in-hand with innovative companies and industries in the biotech and health sectors.

    Corinne is a health sciences professional, with long expertise in biologic research and development, cell-based therapeutics, gene therapy, biotechnology, and technological platform development.
    In addition to a strong technical expertise in the fields of health science and industrial biotechnology, Corinne has recognized skills in negotiation and strategic alliance set-up and management; she regularly gives lectures and trainings on these hot business topics.

    Prior to joining BDC, Corinne served as the VP R&D of Sepal Pharma (France, Israel), a biotech company dedicated to the discovery and development of anticancer drugs, and worked for 13 years at Pfizer, where she held different positions (head of cellular assays development, project leader, new technologies scout, responsible for research modeling and eR&D initiatives).

    Corinne studied Biochemistry and Genetics (Master in Biochemistry) at the Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France) and Biology and Physiology (PhD in Biology) at the University of Sherbrooke (Canada); she also holds an Executive MBA from the French business school HEC Paris.
    Corinne had the chance to be trained by the French Navy on Management and Leadership in Crisis Situations on the helicopter-carrier La Jeanne d’Arc.

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  • Dr. Wu – Medical Advisor

    Dr. Douglas C. Wu is a double board-certified dermatologist in both Canada and the USA with specialty training in cosmetic surgery via the prestigious American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Fellowship program. He specializes in wrinkle reduction, volume restoration with injectable fillers, laser rejuvenation, tattoo removal, vein removal, liposculpture, non-invasive body contouring using devices such as CoolSculpting®, and skin tightening. Dr. Wu has authored numerous medical articles and textbook chapters in both general and aesthetic dermatological literature and has lectured at major conferences across the globe. Dr. Wu utilizes cutting-edge techniques to develop uniquely tailored treatments designed to address the specific needs of his patients.

  • Phil Rose – Chief Commercial Officer

    Phil has worked closely with our founder for over 7 years and has been involved with all aspects of product, protocol, clinical and pre-commercialization development activities of our products.

    Phil is a practicing Registered Pharmacist who has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the Pharmaceutical Industry with a core expertise in Dermatology products including those focused in Aesthetic Medicine. Phil started his career in Sales with Eli Lilly and Co. Phil went on to hold Executive Sales, Marketing and Administrative positions at Glaxo Inc. (now GSK). Phil first became involved in Dermatology/Aesthetic Medicine while V.P. General Manager North America at ICN Pharmaceuticals (now Valeant) where he managed the Dermatology Portfolio. While at ICN, Phil led the licensing, branding and launch effort of Kinerase®, the most successful single entity cosmetic based line in the U.S. at the time. At ICN, Phil also led the re-introduction of Efudex® after its acquisition from Roche and took sales from $14M to $60M in three years. Phil went on to be President and CEO of Obagi Medical Products (OMPI) where he doubled sales in 2 years and was responsible for adding the Vitamin C and tretinoin based products to the Obagi portfolio, as well as leading major expansions in to Japan and Western Europe. He then went on to be President and CEO of Randall International, then the premier provider of custom amenity and Spa products in the U.S. Phil maintains his own consulting business (Rose and Company) specializing in all aspects of the pre-commercialization planning and commercialization of prescription, OTC and cosmetic based products, with a focus on Dermatology products.

    Phil’s knowledge and interest in the pharmacologic applications of fatty acids began as a consultant to Reliant, Inc. The Reliant team developed and marketed the first FDA approved Omega 3 fatty acid product (Fish Oil) to lower HDL cholesterol levels under the brand name Lovaza (Omacor). After reaching annual sales of over $600M, Reliant was sold to GSK.

    As a consultant, Phil led the commercialization planning effort in the U.S. for Peplin Inc. with their novel ingenol mebutate compound in development for Rx treatment of Actinic Keratosis. Peplin was acquired by LEO. The product was approved by the FDA in 12/2011 and is marketed by LEO Pharmaceuticals as Picato®. www.picato.com

    Phil was co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer and a Board Member of Peninsula Skincare Labs, Inc. Peninsula was founded in March 2011, and developed the novel and patented creatine ascorbate. The company was sold in 2016 and the products are currently marketed as Relevance Skin Fitness.

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Pomega’s Commitment

Clinically Validated. Unmatched Safety. Proven Efficacy.

Pomega, Inc. is committed to continued innovation and clinical investigations for the purpose of advancing health and healing. Pomega, Inc. never uses inorganic or chemical preservatives and never tests on animals.

An intensive complex of bioactive CLnA-based skin treatments.

Created as the first line of defense for patients with a compromised skin barrier.

Differentiating science to address skin that is:

  • Intensely dry
  • Scaling or cracking
  • Itching
  • Inflamed
  • Painful